About Kary

I’m the curious type, always observing. I love to learn. My interest in the WHY behind things is what piqued my desire to learn about hypnotherapy, and that thirst for knowledge then led me down the winding path to understanding the subconscious mind.  My journey began at Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc in 2008 where I trained and completed my practicum. Once I fully grasped that understanding, it was then that I fully  understood even better why we do what we do! *cue lightbulb*

The moment I had the ability to not only navigate the subconscious mind but to also create new paths, I realised my desire to understand “why” would be a valuable tool to help those who desire to make positive shifts in their lives. It’s a win-win!

This revelation has made me into a Subconscious Sherlock Homes every time a client sits down in front of me. Let me rephrase that, my mind automatically starts reading the map with everyone, not just clients! 

Kary Blaney

It didn’t take long to move into the role of Lead/Senior Therapist and began training the Junior Therapists in advanced techniques. I am still, to this day, constantly upgrading my training. 

It’s very rare that our actions or thoughts are random in nature. There’s a reason you may have those fears or issues that are holding you back. And in the past, it may have seemed as though you just kept going around in circles, lost even. But there’s good news! Your subconscious mind has a road map and together we can navigate our way around it, perhaps create some detours around the obstacles, or maybe even create entirely new paths altogether.

I’m up for the adventure if you are!