Can You Make Me More….?

When asked what I do for a living, my answer changes based on my mood. If I’m feeling mischievous  I’ll say I’m a hypnotist, this usually illicits fun reactions. My favourite response was an American Border Guard asking me to hypnotize him right then and there. #NationalSecurity However, if I’m feeling serious I’ll tell people I’m a hypnotherapist.

Interestingly enough, regardless of my answer, it seems that the general consensus is that I have the ability to ‘make people do things’, like I have this magical skill to direct the masses without their knowledge…
Can you make my husband to the dishes, can you make me run faster, can you make my wife stop smoking… and the list goes on and on.  Regardless of the requests, the answer is always YES but it comes with a stipulation: It’s a team effort. The person I am working with has to want that change as well. And be motivated to do their part.
Of course, there’s also the other half of the coin, those that vehemently claim that I CAN’T hypnotize them… and they’re correct as well. I can only hypnotize the willing, the individuals who want to benefit from the sense of calm focus and relaxation that comes with trance.
Hypnotherapy is subtle in its effects.  It’s effects can feel like a slight change in our perception of external (or internal) stimuli or perhaps that internal ‘little voice’ is speaking a little louder, reminding us to do the things we need/want to do.
So, what do you wish to accomplish?  What’s holding you back from already achieving it?
Motivation?  Belief? Fear? What subtle change difference could change that?
Chances are, as a team, I’m betting we can get you moving forward!