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The Science Behind Motivation

So, if you’re anything like me, you have a folder on your phone/computer FILLED with motivation sayings/memes. The folder in my phone currently has 149 of them. and I know there are more that haven’t been moving INTO the folder yet. I haven’t been in that folder lately, but I’ll head in there real quick and […]

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Labels and the Subconscious Mind

I AM… 2 of the most powerful words. Why? Because what you place after them WILL shape your life. Your subconscious mind loves goals. In fact, it is continuously striving for goals without you even being aware of it. The goals it will work towards are the things you place thoughts and focus on. This is […]

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Stress – How To Make It Your Friend!

A while back one of my colleagues, sent me the link to a TED Talk about stress, and how it’s not actually a BAD thing. Excuse me… what?!?! As a hypnotherapist, one of my biggest beliefs was that stress is BAD, very very bad. We always hear about how it’s one of the leading causes of […]

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