I.B.S. And the Mind Body Connection

Did you know that your mind has the enormous capacity to influence your body? Have you ever woken up from a scary dream and your heart was still pounding or your breathing was erratic? Even though there wasn't anything ACTUALLY happening to you? The scary dream was "all in your mind" - and yet your body responded as if it was actually happening. Your creative imagination caused your body to change. The human mind is comprised of 2 parts, the Conscious and Subconscious (SC), both of which have a vital role to play. I like to use an iceberg to demonstrate. An iceberg is often a HUGE piece of ice, with only a small portion visible above the waterline (the Titanic was testament to that). The diagram below shows a basic rundown on what the 2 portions of your mind are responsible for:

For those with I.B.S, the important bits are that the SC Mind is responsible for involuntarily bodily functions (digestion for example) and Protective Responses (Physical and Mental Stress Reactions). Your subconscious mind has direct control over how smoothly your body functions (or doesn't function). 

Using the iceberg as an example again, you can see that the SC mind comprises approximately 88% of your full mental abilities. It really truly does drive the bus! 

Hypnosis is an excellent way to access the Subconscious Mind in order to make positive changes to how your mind-body connection works. It can be used to activate and direct your natural healing processes as well as change how your mind & body respond to stimulants that typically cause you anxiety. Once you have your SC working for you, many aspects of your life will improve! 

One of the beautiful things about hypnosis-based changes is that they are powerful yet subtle. I recall a client who came to see me for workplace stress and after a few sessions, she said that although she didn't feel hugely different, she definitely felt as though everyone at the office was being much nicer. Of course, she also realized that it was highly unlikely that everyone else had changed and that what had really changed was her response to them. She found herself to feel much calmer and far less concerned by the irritations of life. Willpower wasn't required at all!

Landmark Basketball Study

Another example of the Mind-Body connection involves a study involving basketball players conducted by Dr. Blaslotto at the University of Chicago. He split a group of basketball players into three groups and tested their abilities to shoot free-throws.

  1. The 1st group was told not to touch a basketball for 30 days. No practicing or playing.
  2. The 2nd group was instructed to practice shooting free throws for half an hour a day for 30 days.
  3. The 3rd group was told to come to the gym every day for 30 days, but not to touch a ball. They were told to close their eyes for 30 minutes and imagine themselves successfully sinking free-throws.

After 30 days the results were shocking! The 1st group showed no improvements as was expected. The 2nd group which had practiced every day showed a 24% improvement. It was the 3rd group who is noteworthy, they had simply visualized successful free-throws (without touching an actual ball) and they showed an AMAZING 23% improvement!

Almost the same results as​ the group who had put in the physical work, all through the use of their mind!

So how does this help you? Well, when you start implementing self-hypnosis in your life, you will discover that stressful situations won't be quite as bothersome any more. Which means you'll be able to start enjoying life again without a grumbly stomach. Hypnosis (trance) is a very natural state and is quite easy to achieve once you learn how to voluntarily access it! You'll be able to call upon calm soothing feelings in the midst of your most hectic schedule!

​There is plenty of evidence that the mind can in fact influence the body. And your mind is just as capable!