Motivation: The First Step Is The Hardest 

 May 5, 2021

By  Kary B

The First Step… The Hardest But The Best!

Motivation often seems so fleeting. It’s amazing how many clients I see who are scared to take the first step in case they don’t do it right. Because it's not going to be perfect. For many, it can be immobilising, this misconception that they must be the best.

We live in a society that seems to make little room for mistakes. But in reality, the only true way to move forward and achieve our goals is to actually be willing to make those mistakes.

If you were to read the biographies of people who are perceived to be perfect, who SEEMED to have their life in order, I’d be willing to wager there were times in their lives that they were anything but. There’d have been times where it would have been so easy to quit. And nobody would have questioned it. Instead, they kept going, kept making mistakes and kept progressing towards their goals.

The only true way to learn is to make mistakes. As a child, when first learning how to walk, we all fell at least once, probably closer to fifty times. Then it was time to run, and we fell. Then it was time to learn how to talk, and we made mistakes.

Then it was time for the bike, thank God for training wheels, because the bicycle mistakes are far less forgiving. And we all kept trying and kept learning and kept getting better.

Today, we walk, we run, we speak and we ride bikes. Instead of worrying, and focusing on the potential mistakes in life, instead, let’s all focus on the progress and keep our eyes on the end goal!

If it’s losing weight, well the first step might just be taking that first step out the door and going for a walk. If it’s entrepreneurship, then perhaps the first step is that business plan you’ve been meaning to look at. Don’t even worry about the mistakes that haven’t even happened yet. We all make them, and they are simply just a way to learn.

 I’ve personally been caught in this vortex myself, the hardest step you take is the first one. But it’s worth it.

Every time. Creating this blog is a perfect example. It’s not perfect, but it’s a work in progress and it’ll get better! Stay tuned!

Kary B

Kary is a Certified HypnoCoach and Hypnotherapist and has been assisting her clients to reach their goals for over 10 years. With close to 1,000 clients, she brings a vast array of knowledge of experience to each of her sessions.

Kary Blaney

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