Hypnotherapy Rates

Please note that there are 2 tabs for our fees.
The 2nd tab covers substance use as well as other types of addictive behaviours (gambling etc).

Single Session




Most challenges need approx. 3-5 sessions. This is why we have created the packages in these numbers. Each package offers a different level of savings.

3-Session package




Most Popular Package

  • Save $83 over the course of 3 sessions.
  • $472.50 total incl. GST

5-Session package




Highest Savings

  • Save $225 over the course of 5 sessions
  • $735 total incl. GST

Alcohol Management package



Get that drinking habit back under control!

  • 3-Session Minimum Commitment required
  • 90 minute Intake Session 
  • 2x 60 minute Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Often reduced down to standard rates if more sessions are needed
  • Please note, this also includes other types of substance use and/or addictive behaviours (marijuana, cocaine, gambling etc)

smoking cessation



Ready to start your Smoke-Free Life?

  • 2-Hour specialised session
  • Includes Booster Session if needed
  • Can be used for other nicotine products such as vaping, or nicotine gums 
  • Please note - Clients wishing to moderate or end Marijuana will treated in the same way as other substance use sessions, so the pricing regarding Alcohol Management  will apply.