Hypnotherapy Rates

Please note that there are 2 tabs for our fees.
The 2nd tab is for Smoking Cessation.





This is the 1st session you will attend. We will spend a good portion of this session discussing your goals and challenges as well as discussing what might have led to the challenge

 in the 1st place.

Generally we will use Hypnosis in this session as well.

Follow Up Session
(60 Minutes)




Only to be booked after an Intake Session has been completed.

Usually booked once per week.

4-Session package
(10% Savings)




Includes the following

  • 1x 90-minute Intake Session
  • 3x 60-minute Follow Up Sessions

smoking cessation



Ready to start your Smoke-Free Life?

  • 2-Hour specialised session
  • Includes Booster Session if needed
  • Can be used for other nicotine products such as vaping, or nicotine gums 
  • Please note - This session is not meant for Marijuana Cessation