I practice a solution-focused hypnotherapy which means that we establish your goals from the start and work towards resolving situations as quickly as possible – sometimes in a single session. On average though, most situations need around 3-6 sessions to find resolution; for smokers it’s generally 1 session with the possibility of a booster. Above all, our emphasis is on creating beneficial change rather than endlessly discussing old habits or past mistakes.

Typically, based on past experience, I can estimate the number of sessions required for the following categories.

*This is based on 5 years of Aligned Hypnotherapy / Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. data working with clients presenting with these issues. It should not be taken as a guarantee nor limitation but purely as a guideline based on past experience.

Of course, I am able to work with many issues outside this list. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if your individual needs aren’t addressed in the categories above and I would be happy to discuss how hypnotherapy could be beneficial for you.