Have you ever thought about your what your Smoke-Free Life will feel like?

How will you describe yourself? An ex-smoker or a non-smoker? Or maybe it'll be as simple as "No thanks, I don't smoke."

How much more energy will you have? How much more in control will you feel? How much more money will you have? Who will you be an inspiration for? What will your Smoke-Free Life look and feel like?

There are SO MANY benefits to ending that smoking habit,  and the great thing is that when you are REALLY and TRULY committed to the process, it can be SO EASY!

So why should you come see me instead of using one of the myriads of other methods out there?

Because you are FAR MORE than just a number!

When you first started smoking, you started for unique and individual reasons. A one-size-fits-all pill, patch or gum might help you with the physical cravings, but they couldn't possibly unravel YEARS of habitual programming. Those "sh!t-happens" triggers which are psychological in nature. We all have programmed triggers in life, and when we unravel that programming, life gets EASIER!

In the past when you tried to quit smoking, it was likely based purely on will-power. You probably lasted a little while, but then life kept happening. All those old triggers kept coming up until eventually it all seemed too difficult; and somehow you found a cigarette in your hand again. This might have even happened a few times, but the past doesn’t dictate the present. The majority of my clients know exactly how you feel, they’d felt it before and they found that with the assistance of hypnosis that old habit was far easier to stop once and for all. And in a way that felt natural, and normal.

Remaining tobacco free is a 2 part process, you stop physically, but you also stop mentally. Hypnosis works, because it deals with the psychological triggers, it bolsters your confidence, it challenges your old programming. Hypnosis actually has the ability to help you develop and strengthen your will and determination to succeed.

It’s a process that has been proven time and time again to be effective! In my opinion thats a major benefit! 

Together as a team, we can create those subtle shifts in your thought patterns which allow you to feel confident in your ability to conquer that pesky old habit. It’s not magic, and I won’t make any exaggerated promises but let me assure you ~ it doesn’t need to be difficult.

As one client said:

... it was relaxing and non rushed and professional...

I went this year and it was relaxing and non rushed and professional. After an hour of hypnotherapy I have been smoke free for the last three months. While I have had to use my will power, this method has been the only successful tool I have ever had that actually helped with the quitting. I can not thank Kary enough. I have no problem at all recommending her as a great way to help you deal with an issue.

Sean O

Lumbar Grader

So, for just a moment, close your eyes and imagine what your life will feel like as a non-smoker. And when you’re ready to turn that dream into a reality, to step into that new you, give me a call and we'll get you started!

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