What Kind Of Dirt Do You Have?

And by dirt, I mean soil… the metaphorical kind.

There’s a story in the Bible known as the Story of the Sower (Matthew 13 if you wanted to read it for yourself). One of the great things about Biblical parables is that even though they were written long ago, the premise is still relevant today, not just in a spiritual sense, but also in our every day life. That’s the cool thing about stories and metaphors, very rarely are they specific about one topic. There’s almost always a life lesson embedded somewhere in there.

The literal premise of the story is that there is a man who plants seed in the fields. He is called the Sower, because he is sowing seeds. Back in the day, before we had tractors and technology, the Sower would toss the seeds across the area to be planted. Whether those seeds would produce a plant was dependent on the type of soil it happened to land on.

There were 4 basic types of soil that his seeds could land on:

  • Hard Ground – The seeds don’t sink down into this soil, so the birds eat them.
  • Shallow Ground – The seeds grow roots, but because the ground is so shallow, the roots don’t take firm hold. The moment the sun gets too hot the seedling dies because the roots get scorched.
  • Thorny Ground – The seed takes root, but is soon overtaken by weeds.
  • Fertile Soil – This soil is fertile and the seeds planted here take root and grow abundantly.

So, the question to ask is, how does this relate to our life? Well, there are many ways to interpret it, one of the ways I like to interpret it is that the seeds are like our goals in life and this is how we might interpret the various types of soil:

  • Hard Ground – The birds in this example are all the naysayers in your life, the ones who eat (read: shoot down) your dreams and aspirations.
  • Shallow Ground – The sun represents hard times, times when perhaps we “just don’t feel like it”, or when following through with the goal isn’t as easy or convenient. Those moments when it would be easier to quit than keep going.
  • Thorny Ground – The weeds are all the little distractions in life, you know the kind, Netflix, Facebook, donuts, Candy Crush etc. The distractions that derail our best intentions.
  • Fertile Soil – This soil is where growth really truly happens. This is the soil you want to water and cultivate. It is comprised of having a well-thought out plan, and then surrounding yourself with inspirational  people who build you up, motivate you and perhaps  who also have dreams they are working towards.

Here’s a great Youtube Video you can listen to about the Sower as told by Jim Rohn

How would you interpret this story? What would the seeds represent? And what about the soil? Have you been sowing well?  I’ve found that with the aid of hypnosis, you can transform the soil of your mind, you can water it, till it and then fertilize it. We can pluck out the weeds of negative thinking so that we can plant new seeds which can take root and grow.