The Dreaded Half Glass!

it's your choice!

it’s your choice!

Half empty or Half full? It’s the question of the day! If you haven’t heard it before, the question is usually presented with a picture of a glass filled to the half way point.

The basic premise is that your perception of the glass defines whether you tend toward pessimism or optimism. If you say that the glass is half empty, the implication would be towards pessimism, whereas if you said half full then it would be suggested that you are optimistic in nature. Chances are your answer about the contents of that glass would depend on your mood on any given day. And a great thing about human nature is that we have a choice as to our mood. Yup, you read that right, you really truly CAN choose your mood. Let me explain…

This situation may have happened to you at one time or another. Think about coming home late at night from a party or a meeting and you’re laying in bed and notice that it’s 2:00 in the morning, and you need to get up at 6:00AM. So, you say to yourself “I better fall asleep quickly.” Of course, the very opposite tends to happen. You toss and turn all the while getting more frustrated as sleep eludes you. Eventually you look at the clock again and now it’s 3:00 AM! Is it even worth going to sleep for JUST three hours of sleep? Already you’re thinking to yourself about how crappy you are going to feel at work tomorrow. At some point you drift off to sleep until the alarm does off at 6:00AM. You open your eyes, turn off the alarm and then you remember that you had less than 3 hours of sleep, so you put yourself in a slump.

You go to work moaning and groaning, complaining about your lack of sleep. It seems like every little thing makes you irritable. You might even warn everyone to stay away from you… because you’re tired and therefor cranky.

Now the interesting question to ask is: Were you tired, cranky and stressed because of the 3 hours of sleep or were you, maybe, simply following your own suggestions?

What if the same situation had occurred, but this time you were going to a BBQ the next day instead? This time, just before falling asleep you said to yourself, “Well, I’m only going to have 3 hours of sleep tonight, but I’m going to have a great time tomorrow, and then tomorrow night I’ll sleep like a rock!” You would then wake up to the alarm, remember that you only had 3 hours of sleep, and recall your suggestion from the night before about having a great time today. The night after the BBQ, you would recall your own statement about sleeping like a rock, so you would fall asleep quickly and sleep well.

Mind GardenMost situations and responses in our lives may be traced back to a suggestion that we have given ourselves. Self Hypnosis! Remember, you have a choice! So I would like you to only plant positive thoughts and suggestions into your life.

One of the great things about my role as a hypnotherapist is that together we can start cultivating the garden of your mind. Planting those positive suggestions that ultimately bloom in positive directions. Your subconscious mind is the fertile soil and the suggestions are the seeds. Let’s start planting!